Paper and cardboard - 30,0 thousand tons/year

Corrugated cardboard - 36 million square meters/year

Carton - 4.0 million units/year

Paint WA AK - 7,0 thousand tons/year

Paper sacks - 4,0 million units/year

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JSC Paper Mill "Krasnaya Zvezda" offers:

Corrugated cardboard
Corrugated Box
Water-dispersive paint on acrylic basis
Paper bags

Welcome to the website of JSC "Paper Mill "Krasnaya Zvezda"!

Manufacturing specializes in the following major products:
 - Paper, cardboard;
 - Corrugated, Corrugated boxes;
 - Paper bags;
 - Paint the water-dispersion acrylic based.
The modern industrial enterprise using for manufacture hi-tech German equipment, raw material of leading world manufacturers.

The company implemented the system management team based on international standards of ISO 9001

Tasks future development:
 - Expansion and improvement of the quality of products;
 - Increase in production volumes;
 - Constant saving resources
 - Modernization of existing fixed assets;
 - Preservation of existing, developing and expanding new markets.